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June 20 2014

gamesTypes of PC Games

Like everybody knows there are plenty of kinds of PC Games; you will find a game for everyone, for the individual who likes action, the individual who likes challenge, the one who likes combat, sports, etc.


This is a list of major kinds of PC games which exist:

Racing Games: Are games based on racing competition like cars or motorcycles, exist plenty of games with this types based on real one races like F1, motocross etc.

Sports: Are games according to real sports like football, volleyball and soccer basketball etc. There are many of them according to real competitions like the world NFL, cup and NBA etc.

Fighting: Are games according to combats, one player fighting with another player, many of these types of games are violent games and rated "M" for Mature.

Puzzles: Are games where you could train your brain solving puzzles likecrosswords and soduko, and lots of of puzzles currently available per day, there is a game for each and every puzzle! .

Strategies: Are games where you are challenge to create the best strategy to defeat your enemy, if you like to think and fight this is the best kind of game for you.

My favorites Games are definitely the strategy ones, those are amazing and you have too much fun along with them, you are able to pass countless hours and not get bored! .

These are the most types of games, but no the only ones, there are many and many more types of games, that if a list them the list could be as large as a book! .
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